The Spiritual Continuum

A Discipleship Manual

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The Spiritual Continuum is a free 56 page discipleship manual for relatively new believers in Jesus. It covers eight different spiritual stages which are illustrated above:  being born again, getting spiritually focused, being filled with the Spirit, worshiping in the Spirit, walking in the Spirit, being led by the Spirit, being taught by the Spirit and finally agape love in the Spirit.


The Spiritual Continuum can be used in bible studies, youth groups, sermons and bible  colleges (as an introductory class on the spiritual life). It is non-denominational and evangelical/charismatic in nature. The Spiritual Continuum is completely free, we do not ask for money, we do not push the ldoctrines of any church or denomination. The objective is the spiritual growth of the Christian believer into the image of God.


There are eight main chapters plus a teacher's guide and resources. It is Creative Commons material so you may share it freely for non-profit ministry purposes. The author is John Edmiston.