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Accreditation & Diplomas

GlobalChristians.Org offers two quite different Diplomas:

1. Diploma in Global Ministry - a two year program in radical Christian discipleship. The student needs to complete 16 subjects equivalent to 3 credit subjects in the USA. This course is best suited for missionaries and workers in Christian charities and NGOs.

2. Diploma in Evangelism & Church-Planting - using the Harvestime Bible College course from the Harvestime Institute - 17 modules over approximately 2 years. This course is bests suited for pastors, evangelists and church-planters. This course is also separately accredited through the Harvestime Institute

GlobalChristians.Org is not yet formally accredited but is in the process of seeking government accreditation for our courses which we offer. We are also actively seeking transfer credits with major theological institutions in Asia and the USA.

These are high quality courses and many institutions should recognize them for transfer credits - just take your transcript of results and give the institution GlobalChristians.Org contact details so they can phone us with any questions they might have.

GlobalChristians.Org cannot guarantee the suitability of its courses for entry into employment in the ministry. You must check with your church or denomination as to the suitability of GlobalChristians.Org courses prior to enrollment.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.