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GlobalChristians.Org CD contains the following course material
(NOTE: GlobalChristians.Org CD-ROM is a DATA CD not an audio CD it is material that you read on a computer, you can even print it out and use it, but you cannot play it on a stereo system):

  1. All the ebooks for all the certificate courses.

  2. All the Harvestime modules

  3. All the documents, exams, forms etc needed to set up your own church-based bible college.

  4. Hundreds of useful Christian articles

  5. Various Church history documents

  6. E-Sword bible study software and add-on modules.

Cost: $49.95 USD - includes postage and handling - padded envelope with CD inside.

First class mail in USA & Canada, (5-7 days delivery),    Air mail - rest of the world (up to 21 days delivery)