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Enrolling In An GlobalChristians.Org Course

There are two simple steps to enrolling in GlobalChristians.Org:
1 Reading the rules terms, conditions.
2. Enrolling in one of our courses.

Together they should take between five to ten minutes.


Terms And Conditions:

By enrolling in an GlobalChristians.Org course you are stating that you are:
1. A bible-believing born-again Christian,
2. Who agrees with the Nicene Creed,
3. And is over 18 years of age.

GlobalChristians.Org does not guarantee that your study here will be acceptable to your church or denomination, or that GlobalChristians.Org courses will completely equip you for any position in ministry. You must check this out with them before enrolling.

GlobalChristians.Org cannot help you with financial costs, bibles, textbooks, living expenses, travel costs or with obtaining visas.

Who Can Enroll? To enroll in GlobalChristians.Org you must be a born-again bible-believing Christian and you must be able to affirm the Nicene Creed. You should also be over 18 years of age and have a high-school level of competency in the English language. (Able to read an English language newspaper). You should also be an evangelical, charismatic or Pentecostal Christian in regular fellowship with other believers.

Costs - prices may change without notice

Online students - FREE
Setting up an extension campus: $75
GlobalChristians.Org CD with all the course material- $49.95

Now Go To Step 2 - Signing Up: to fill in and submit the enrollment form.

Globalchristians.Org Rules:

By enrolling you acknowledge that you realize that the following activities are banned at GlobalChristians.Org:

1. Using GlobalChristians.Org or any email addresses on it for commercial e-mail purposes or "spam".

2. Multi-level marketing, or attempting to fund-raise from students or faculty of GlobalChristians.Org.

3. Uploading viruses, exe files, pif files, pornographic material, music files or copyright material to GlobalChristians.Org server or sharing such files with fellow students.

4. Abusing, harassing or "flaming" other students or faculty.

5. Any illegal, unsafe or immoral activity of any kind.