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Certificate 2: Prayer & Healing Minstry

The certificate in Prayer & Healing Ministry is a basic level course that covers bible teaching on prayer and healing. This course DOES NOT certify you to be a professional counsellor!

The course looks at what the bible says about prayer and healing and helps the person to minister Christ in a local church religious setting.

This certificate is meant to be studied in a local church setting under the supervison of your pastor or another mature Christian leader. Help with AIBI courses can be found in the AIBI College Handbook

You must satisfactorily complete the assessment for all 6 subjects to receive the certificate. Assessment for each subject is generally a 1500 word (3 page) essay which will be marked by your pastor or group leader. See the pages relevant to the individual subjects (right) for details.

The Certificate of Prayer & Healing Ministry consists of the following six subjects:

Prayer 101 - Introduction To Prayer
The basic biblical principles of prayer and intercession.

Prayer 102 - Spiritual Warfare
Doing battle with principalities and powers in the spiritual realms.

Shattering Shame
Dealing with various types of shame, and finding our true honorable identity in Christ Jesus.

Biblical EQ - A Christian Handbook For Emotional Transformation
How Christ is our model for emotional transformation and how the Holy Spirit can help us towards emotional maturity.

The Ministry Of Healing
What the Scriptures say about various aspects of healing both physical and emotional, plus practical tips.

Solution-Focused Faith
How we can apply biblical faith to solve life's problems and live godly and creative lives.

Free ebooks relevant to this certificate course can be found here.

And the Harvestime Altar Counsellor's Manual can be obtained here.