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Our free GlobalChristians.Org webmail enables you to have the one email address all your time studying at GlobalChristians.Org and is a free email address you can use in all your communications. You do not need an e-mail account with an ISP - you read your GlobalChristians.Org email on the web, and you can log on to it from any Internet connection or icafe. Your email address will be in the form "yourname@aibi.zzn.com" where "your name" is replaced by the email address you choose e.g. juandelacruz@aibi.zzn.com. Use of GlobalChristians.Org email address is subject to the following rule:

Under no circumstances can your GlobalChristians.Org webmail account be used for illegal purposes, spamming, abuse, unwanted commercial activity or the sending of bulk emails. Violation of proper usage will result in the immediate termination of the email account.

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