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Do You Need Help Dealing with a Cult Group?


Cult Dynamics

The Marks Of A Cult
The marks of a cult as found in Scripture.

How Cults Convert People
The title says it all. A guide to help you be wary.

Cults and Crazy Thinking
An insight into cult-like thinking.

Understanding Those Caught In Cults
What happens to people when they get caught up in a cult. Also covers some fundamental coping strategies for those affected.

When Church Goes Wrong
Looks at what happens when a local church turns cult-like.

Types of Cults

Classic Cults
A look at the beliefs behind some of the older cults such as Mormonism.

Commercial Cults
How some businesses can take over your life.

Mystical and New Age Cults
Examines cults based on mystical and new age teachings.

Can Christians get Involved With "The Other Side"
What the Bible says about the occult.

How To Evaluate A Revival
Examines the difference between true and false revival.

New Age, Etc...

Astrology - Just A Bit Of Fun?
Looks at astrology and how it is utterly incompatible with the Christian faith.

Knowing The Difference Between God and The Devil
How can we tell whether spiritual manifestations, voices etc are of God or Satan? This presentation was originally given as an in-service to a group of psychiatrists. A helpful diagnostic tool.

Spirit Wars In The Third Millenium
The coming clash between Christianity and the new paganism.

Common Issues - Trinity, Spirits, etc...

A bible study on angels and their role in the Christian life.

Demons Defeated
A comprehensive look at spiritual warfare.

UFO's and Cults
The belief in extra-terrestrials, the Bible and cults. Seen as an example of sycretism between two beliefs (Christianity and sci-fi) that both belief in "something out there" but have very different understandings of what it is.

The Trinity
Many cults deny the Trinity. This article shows why the Trinity is Scriptural.

Is Jesus God?
The "trilemna" - Jesus cannot just be a "good man" if He claimed to be God. He must be one of three things - a liar, a lunatic or the Lord.