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The following ebooks tackle some very controversial issues and deep biblical truths and aim to strengthen individual Christians and help in the extension of God's Kingdom.

Our e-books can be read in most web browsers but are best in Firefox browser or Internet Explorer, (Opera has some difficulties with some ebooks). They use either PDF (require Acrobat Reader) or KeeBoo software and in your browser they appear just like a book or magazine. With KeeBoo you can turn the pages by clicking on the yellow arrows. They take about 3 minutes to download and are executable (*.exe) files. They have all been virus checked.

Most works (except for those marked with an asterisk *) are by John Edmiston and can be freely distributed for non-profit Christian ministry under a Creative Commons License (see below). Those marked with an asterisk are by other authors and you will have to ask permission from those authors.

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Bible Study
Christian Living, Ethics, & Social Issues
Ministry & Theology
Acts 1:8 - The Primal Church
This book examines Acts chapters 1-8 and the development of the early Church prior to Paul. Covers the Holy Spirit, the Spirit-led life, problems, conflicts and community in the early church and many aspects of revival. 48 brief studies 91 pages.
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Biblical EQ- A Christian Handbook For Emotional Transformation
A biblical Christian approach to emotional intelligence and emotional management that uses Jesus Christ as the model for Christian living and emotionality. Explores the central place and importance of emotions in the Christian life and offers both a deep understanding of Christian emotionality and practical help with managing our strong emotions and expressing them wisely and well.
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Beyond Denominations - The Networked Church
This book examines how denominationalism is both unsound and unscriptural. Beyond Denominations proposes a more godly and practical alternative that builds networks of Christians in each local area. A set of six bible studies to go with the book is also available.
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Fruit Of The Spirit Study Guide
Six small group bible studies on the "fruit of the Spirit" from Galatians 5:22,23. Studies are: Spiritual Fruit - Introduction, Love, Joy & Peace, Patience and Kindness, Goodness & Faith, Meekness & Self-Control.     PDF, 14 pages.
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How To Become A Christian
How you can become a Christian. How to have a relationship with God and get into Heaven when you die. Includes information on the basics of the Christian life such as how to read the Bible, pray and find a good church in your local area.
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Cults, Sects and Heresies
Introduction to cults, sects and heresies and how to deal with them. Covers commercial cults, bible cults, the occult and New Age and some common theological errors.
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The Heavenly Realms
Takes a look at Heaven, Hell & Judgment, the spirit world, Satan, angels, demons, etc and encourages the believer to be "in the Spirit" and aware of their status in Christ.
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The Kingdom Of Heaven
These 33 articles are designed to give Christians an understanding of what Jesus meant when He talked about "the Kingdom of the Heavens" - which many bible students say was His main message. On the way you will cover many practical issues on Christian living, ethics, Church & State, Christian ministry and the values we are supposed to live by as Christians. This is truly life-transforming material!
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*Cybermissions Course Readings
Cyber-missions and web-evangelism, how to understand the Internet and minister effectively to Internet users. Theology, missiology, bridge-strategies, online communities, communication, MUDs, chat, web marketing, key countries for online ministry etc.
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John 1-11 - The Savior Is Revealed
A careful exposition of the first eleven chapters of John's gospel. 144 pages, 88 bible studies. Very deep and also very encouraging. DOC, PDF and HTML formats.
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The Market, The Kingdom And The Terrorists
Analyses the current crisis in world terrorism from a biblical perspective considering issues of radicalization ,economic justice and globalization along the way. Thoughtful, provocative and prophetic. Will help you understand why things are happening the way they are, how they fit into the end times, and what your response should be.
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*Harvestime Church-Planting Course Material
A zip file containing the 21 modules of the excellent Harvestime church-planting course. You can even do it as a course online and it will equip you to be a pastor, missionary or effective lay leader Both English and Spanish versions are available.
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John 12-21 St. John's Passion
60 studies in John chapters 12-21 - the Last Supper, Betrayal, Trial, Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. E-text for the AIBI course of the same name. Biblical exposition.
St. John's Passion Ebook PDF (961KB) St. John's Passion Ebook MS_WORD (652 KB)
*Men's Ministry - Men Aflame
This short (36 page) book by Rev. Max Hughes of Asian Christian Outreach, Philippines covers biblical and practical tips for being a godly and effective Christian man.
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How To Have A Healing Ministry In Your Church
A zip file, (not an ebook) containing instructions on how to have a faithful and balanced healing ministry in a local church.
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Life in Christ (Ephesians 1-3) & Living In Christ (Ephesians 4-6)
These studies are from our Eternity Daily Bible Study series on Ephesians. Life in Christ is 17 devotionals and Living in Christ is 19 devotionals. Deep inspiring spiritual truth.
Life In (92KB)     Living In (116 KB)
Prayer 101
The basics of prayer organized into a one-semester course that you can teach in your Sunday school or do online. Text for an online course in prayer.
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Introduction To Urban Ministry - TEXT
An introductory course on urban ministry covering the theology and practice of urban missions, some major issues in urban ministry and some basics of urban spirituality. Some deeply provocative and thoughtful articles that will help you become a "world Christian".
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Missions: An Adventure In Faith
14 Bible studies on missions, using a Scriptural "Character Study" approach. Studies are designed for use in adult Sunday School and Home Groups. Charismatic/Pentecostal in flavor.
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Praying To Move Mountains
Prayer should be answered and be effective. This can happen if we follow what the Bible says about prayer. Starts with "What Happens When Christians Pray" and has 22 studies and articles on how we can pray powerfully when we pray biblically.
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*Introduction To Urban Ministry-Readings
Readings in Urban Ministry - an eighteen week series of readings prepared for the Introduction To Urban Missions course at the Asian Theological Seminary.
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*Old Testament Survey
A survey of the Old Testament developed for a Chinese Church in Australia. Very systematic and many have found it useful. Help your people to get a grasp on the OT and understand the nature of God better.
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Spiritual Warfare - A Quick Primer
A concise balanced and biblical introduction to Spiritual Warfare with special reference to the Philippines. In doc & rtf format.
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Key Readings In Church History
A collection of Key Readings in Church History. There are too many for just one ebook, so they are collected as downloads on our Church History page. Everything from the early creeds to the Ninety-Five Theses.
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  Temples and Tithes
Questions many Old Testament practices common in church life today. These include tithing, observing the Sabbath, calling a church building a temple, restrictions on food and drink, and "obeying the Ten Commandments".
  Its sure to give you a shock!  Also shows you how to live a holy life in God's freedom.
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Living In The End Times
Twenty bible studies on the end times from a pre-tribulational, pre-millenial perspective. Covers the resurrection, tribulation, judgment, last days, Heaven, Hell etc. and are optimized for small group discussion.
PDF (whole book 252KB)   RTF (whole book 2.4MB)   ZIP (all individual lessons 703KB) 
  What The Bible Says About Sex
What the Bible says about singleness, romance, homosexuality, pornography, cloning, sex in advertising, adultery, sex before marriage, divorce and remarriage, finding the right partner etc.
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Principles of Healing
What the New Testament teaches about healing. Jesus and healing. Healing after the Ascension, healing ministry in the church, exorcism, common questions, the place of medicine and many other issues.
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