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A Quick Primer On Spiritual Warfare


Covers the nature of spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry, magic, sorcery, curses, hexes and spells. How to combat the world, the flesh and the devil. How to resist Satanic attacks and deal with demons. The spirtual authority of the Christian and the Church and how to pray biblically, powerfully and effectively. Also has special references to spiritual warfare in the Philippines. Concise, 92 pages, including index.

Read Sections Of The Book Online - first the whole document will load so the first "click" is slow, but subsequent sections will load quickly.

Note: These sections can be a little confusing because of the formatting of the ebook which still needs some editing. The sections are continuous so keep reading until the next heading on the list appears e.g. keep reading the section "The Church" until you reach "The Time of Transition". Some sections are very brief while others are up to ten pages.

  1. The Three Heavens And The Eight Spiritual Realms

  2. Angels And The Law, Demons And The Gentile Religions

  3. The Church

  4. The Time Of Transition Between OT& NT– John The Baptist

  5. The Old Religions, Fears, Taboos And Rituals, & The “Stoichea”

  6. The Occult - What's Wrong With Exploring The "Other Side"?

  7. Dealing With Curses, Hexes And Spells

  8. Astrology - "Oh, But Its Only A Bit Of Fun!"

  9. How Satan Operates

  10. Spiritual Warfare For The Totally Afraid

  11. The Blood Of Jesus Christ

  12. The Baptism Of Jesus And The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

  13. Spiritual Authority

  14. The Keys Of The Kingdom

  15. The World, The Flesh And The Devil

  16. Babylon, Empires, And Satan As The “Prince Of Trade”

  17. Overcoming The Flesh Through The Masterful Spirit-Filled Mind

  18. What You Believe Is What You Receive

  19. Standing On The Promises Of God

  20. Deliverance Ministry

  21. A Christian Perspective On Mental Illness- With Special Reference To Demons, Exorcism, And Religious Ideation

  22. Cleansing Of Houses, Lands And Property + Catholic Saints In The Philippines & The Veneration Of Images

  23. Sacrificing To Spirits Is Demonic + Feng-Shui And The Search For Luck And Fortune

  24. Contacting The Dead Is Abominable To God

  25. Archangels, Cherubim, Seraphim, Horsemen And Living Creatures

  26. Personal Guardian Angels

  27. Angels - In The Last Judgment

  28. National Angels And Watchers, Principalities And Powers

  29. Spirit Beings

  30. Demons, Unclean Spirits And Fallen Angels