Eternity Christian Fellowship is a journey, an experiment, and a gradual unfolding of grace -taking shape as a web-enabled network of small churches, simple churches, cell groups, and house churches devoted to exploring what it means to be a faithful Christian in the 21st century.

We focus on worshiping, exalting and proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and living out His Kingdom lifestyle in new and different ways.

We try to work out what it means to be part of a loving community, to live under grace, to give and receive acceptance and to actively pursue social justice

You can ask questions here...

We are connected with both historic and contemporary Christianity and believe in the gospel, the Trinity, the Bible and in personal holiness. [You can find our statement of faith and constitution [link=hyperlink url][/link] and would welcome your comments on it. ]

We will officially start our first service on June 10th 2006 and would appreciate your prayers.


John Edmiston