The Primal Church
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A Daily Exposition of Acts Chapter 1 Through 8

This series of Eternity Daily Bible studies focuses on the first eight chapters of Acts and on the life and spiritual dynamics of the early church.

It will give you a thirst for real Christian community in the power of the Holy Spirit!

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Also there are now small group bible studies - sixteen studies, ten questions each, simple straightforward. All ages 14+ , PDF format
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Acts 1
Acts 1:1-5   Water & Spirit
Acts 1:6-11   Jesus Ascends Into Heaven
Acts 1:12-14   The Core Of The Church incl. diagram
Acts 1:15-26   Judas Is Replaced

Acts 2
Acts 2:1-4   Pentecost Arrives
Acts 2:4-13   The Gift of Tongues
Acts 2:14-21   This Is That
Acts 2:16-18   A Prophetic Church
Acts 2:19-21   An Age Of Wonders And Salvation
Acts 2:21   All Who Call On The Name Of The Lord Are Saved
Acts 2:22,23   The Predetermined Plan And Foreknowledge of God
Acts 2:23-32   The Incorruptible Christ
Acts 2:32-36   The Exalted Christ
Acts 2:37-41 The Gift Of The Holy Spirit
Acts 2:42-47 The Spirit-Filled Community

Acts 3
Acts 3: 1-10    Command Prayer
Acts 3:4-8   Strength From God
Acts 3:11-16   Through Faith In His Name
Acts 3:17-21   Times Of Refreshing
Acts 3:22-26   Blessed Through Jesus Christ

Acts 4
Acts 4:1-4   Two Reactions To Truth
Acts 4:5-12   The Stone That The Builders Rejected
Acts 4:13,14  They Had Been With Jesus
Acts 4:15-22   Listening To God Not Man

Acts 5
Acts 5:1-11   Telling Lies to God
Acts 5:12-16   Power Unleashed
Acts 5:17-21   The Gospel Cannot Be Locked Up!
Acts 5:21-33   Murderous Hearts
Acts 5:34-42   The Wise Counsel of Gamliel

Acts 6
Acts 6:1-6   The First Deacons
Acts 6:6-8    Stephen's Anointing / The Laying On Of Hands
Acts 6:9-15   The Accusers of Stephen

Acts 7
Acts 7:1-10   Stephen's Sermon Part 1
Acts 7:11-22   Stephen's Sermon Part 2
Acts 7:23-36   Stephen's Sermon Part Three - Moses The Rejected Messiah
Acts 7:37-44   Stephen's Sermon Part 4 - Idolatry
Acts 7:44-50   Stephen's Sermon Part 5 - No Temple Necessary
Acts 7:51-60    Stephen's Sermon Part 6 - Stephen Is Martyred 

Acts 8
Acts 8:1-4   From Persecution To Proclamation
Acts 8:5-8   The Samaritan Revival
Acts 8:9-13   The True Power Of God
Acts 8:14-17   Receiving The Holy Spirit
Acts 8: 18-25   God Cannot Be Bought
Acts 8:26-35   The Ethiopian Eunuch
Acts 8:36-38   Immediate Baptism
Acts 8:39,40   Philip Is Caught Away


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