Harvestime Modules In French


This page and the filenames are in English but the actual modules are in French.


The modules are arranged in the recommended order of study.


You may freely download them and distribute them and use then in your church or bible study or bible college without charge.


However they must not be sold in any way except to cover the cost of reproducing them.


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If you are running a Bible School please download the following as well:


Orientation Guide


Answers To Self-Tests


These are reproduced here with the full permission of Harvestime International Network



In Recommended Order of Study (PDF)


Spiritual Strategies For The Harvest


Foundations of Faith


Kingdom Living


Spiritual Warfare Manual


Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Knowing God's Voice


Creative Bible Study


Old Testament Survey


New Testament Survey


Developing A Biblical Worldview


Teaching Tactics


Multiplication Methodologies


Power Principles


Biblical Management Principles


Principles of Environmental Analysis


Management By Objectives


Mobilization Methodologies


Leaven-Like Evangelism


Women's Ministry


Jail and Prison Ministry


Intercessory Prayer


Battle For The Body (Healing)


Altar Counselor's Guide