Bible Studies on Isaiah 40-66

"God Comforts His People"

41 in-depth, verse-by-verse, exegetical Bible studies for small groups.  Free.    Download the Studies (PDF)


These studies are designed for personal or small group use and take about 45 minutes to an hour each. The questions are designed to be thought-provoking. There are generally eight or nine questions per lesson. The studies are interdenominational in nature.


The studies are Creative Commons, are free to download, and can be freely used and distributed for Christian ministry purposes, see notice below.


They are black-and-white for easy printing.


You will need:

A good accurate translation of the Bible suitable for research purposes (not a paraphrase)

A  study Bible would be helpful

The group leader should have access to a Bible dictionary or a commentary.


Themes: Jesus in prophecy, the folly of idols, ethics, the sovereignty of God, the nature of God, the uniqueness of God, prophecy, justice, the love, mercy and compassion of God, God and Israel.




© Copyright John Edmiston, 2019

Isaiah 40-66  by John Edmiston is Creative Commons, attribution required, non-commercial, share-alike - and may be freely used, translated, photocopied, printed, and distributed electronically for non-profit ministry purposes, however it may not be sold in any way.


Author Contact: John Edmiston