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Revelation - Outline

Intro. To Revelation

Abrahamic Covenant

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Week 2

Revelation chapter 1

Map of Seven Churches

Revelation Times


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Week 3

Revelation Times 2

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Week 4

Revelation Times 3

Intro: 7 Churches


Missler Article "Overcomers"

Kelly- Replacement Theology

PowerPoint Revelation 2&3

PowerPoint Ephesus & Smyrna

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Revelation Times 4

PowerPoint - Pergamos & Thyatira

Two Babylons by Hislop

(a pdf explaining the intrusion of Babylonian practices into the Church in the Middle Ages )

Week 6





bibleby Pastor Bill Hoganson

The Book of Revelation – The End Times

No BOOK of the Bible is more discredited than Revelation except for its counterpart in the Old Testament, the Book of Daniel.  Revelation deals with prophecy and the future, it exposes Satan as a deceptive fraud, the archenemy of mankind, hence the onslaught of efforts to discredit this BOOK.

The fascination with the Book of Revelation and its future events is not limited to ‘fundamentalism’ or ‘extremists’ or the ‘under-educated’ or ‘those easily convinced’; it’s about the fascination with what are future events and our relationship to them.

Revelation, apokalypsis, the unveiling; exposed to a view, is a detailed description of the future.  Everyone is concerned about what happens to them after they die, and everyone else for that matter.  Revelation makes it clear who is a ‘castaway’, who is ‘left behind’, who is an ‘overcomer’ and who wins in the end; Christ [Messiah] and His Christians. 

In the Book of Genesis was the ‘beginning’; now in the study of this Book of Scripture, Revelation, God lays out His final chapter, the finality of His purposes for His favorite creatures---the human race.

For those who study the Bible, a proper understanding of this BOOK clarifies what God’s apokalypsis has in store for us before it comes to pass and the world comes to it ultimate end.   Because of His merciful grace, we may prepare and be prepared for the final events and not taken unaware.  It instills confident faith which we use to confront the political, social, and religious chaos that is imminent.  Only the biblically unaware will not see that these are the last days. 

Because of it we can apologetically present ‘the Gospel’ evangelistically with the confidence of heaven itself.
Proper understanding of Revelation motivates the Christian to consistent dedication and service.  It lifts their spirits, gives them a hope and joy in the future which no other BOOK in the Bible provides.  The study of the is BOOK will give you a vital unconditional love for Jesus, the souls of lost people around you, a revelation that the Lord and His plan to redeem His Church are real, NEVERTHELESS so is the disclosure of the awful plight of this world and those who reject Him.

Reasons for studying the Book of Revelation are:

  1. A special blessing is promised to those who read and hear the works this Book [1:3].  The Book closes with a restatement of this blessing for those who, in addition to reading and hearing the Word, but also ‘keep it’ [22:7].
  2. It reveals the plan of God for the End Times.  I AM who I AM and I cannot change.  World conditions today are uncertain, filled with anxiety, and anxious believers ask, ‘What’s next?’  Now, because of Revelation, we can study and know firmly the answer.
  3. This Book gives a clearer detail concerning Bible prophecy; clearer than any of those leading up to it.  [Example Revelation 19].
  4. As the Word of God, this Book completes the circle of Biblical truths.  Scripture predictably reveals planning and organization.  The great truths begun in Genesis and other passages of Scripture are completed in Revelation.  

This study will be taught by using the Expository Method; chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse, line-by-line, precept upon precept. This Berean study is for those who want to go deeper into the Word of God, i.e., the Book of Revelation.  To do that you must go deeper in your commitment and with your relationship with Him.  In the end, the goal is to enable you to be able to teach or explain the events in the Book of Revelation to others of or in ‘the faith’. 

Thanks be to GodAmen.

Class Details

No text book will be used other than the NKJV Bible. 

Each week the class will be recorded and a compressed MP3 file will be posted here (at left). Use Windows Media Player or another good audio player to listen to it.

This class is a BIBLE STUDY and not affiliated with any College, Seminary, Church or denomination.

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Recommended Text Book:  ‘The Revelation of Jesus Christ’ by: Dr. John Walvoord.