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How We Can Help Your Church
To Reach The City

These dynamic weekend seminars will give your church a vision for their city and the keys to effective evangelism and social action. They are very affordable at a total cost of only $200 USD and you can have as many participants as you like. Please book 3 months in advance.

Urban Vision Program

Staff of the Asian Centre For Urban Transformation will meet with church leadership over a weekend and will help the church to find its unique vision for the city. This will be done by taking into account the calling of the church, the giftings of its members, the location of the church, and the community networks it is part of.

Revival In The City Retreat

In the Bible cities are centers of renewal such as Antioch or centers of judgment such as Sodom. Revival is key to the destiny of the city. Revival occurs when networks within the city experience renewal around a governing redemptive metaphor that is key to that city and culture. This weekend retreat is for the whole church so it can take the whole gospel to the whole city.

Solutions For The City Seminar
Churches can get bogged down with "the problems of the city". This seminar moves the congreagtion from problem-focused thinking that leads to "the paralysis of analysis" to positive solution-focused thinking that sees a way forward under God. Solution focused thinking does not analyse the stream but finds a bridge across it.