Walking In The Spirit



These workbooks are in PDF format for online reading and for printing out, they may be freely used in your ministry.


Workbook 1 - Studies 1-25


Workbook 2 - Studies 26-50


Workbook 3 - Studies  51-75


Workbook 4 - Studies 76-100



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Walking In The Spirit is a series of 100 bible studies on how to live the Spirit-filled Christian life. They are available as individual studies, a series of workbooks (see panel at left) and as free email courses that you can subscribe to.


Studies 1-25 cover The Basics such as the New Covenant, the New Nature, Baptism In The Holy Spirit and Waiting Upon The Lord.


Studies 26-50 cover Communicating With God such as the Conscience, Downloads From Heaven, Prophecy and the Spiritual Senses.


Studies 51-75  cover the topic of Spiritual Ministry such as the Ministry of the Word, the Ministry of Prayer, the Ministry of the Impossible, the Initiatives of Heaven and Praying For Healing.


Studies 76-100 cover the topic of Ministry In The Kingdom and look deeply into various parables of Jesus, Mustard-Seed Ministry and the New Commandment

The Walking In The Spirit resources on this page are Creative Commons copyright to Cybermissions and may be freely used,duplicated and distributed for non-profit ministry purposes but may not be sold in any way.

SERIES 1 - THE BASICS (HTML = web page, PDF = printable)


1. The New Covenant Part 1 pdf   html


2. The New Covenant Part 2 pdf   html


3. The New Covenant Part 3 pdf   html


4. The New Nature Part 1 pdf   html


5. The New Nature Part 2 pdf   html


6. The Mind Set On The Spirit  pdf   html


7. Connecting Heaven And Earth pdf   html


8. The Kosmos And The Christian pdf   html


9. What Is Faith? pdf   html


10. Walking In Faith Part 1 pdf   html


11. Walking in Faith Part 2 pdf   html


12. God Personally Teaches Us How To Walk By Faith pdf   html


13. How God Coaches Us  pdf   html


14. Grace, Holiness and God As Our Personal Coach pdf  html


15. The Highway To Holiness pdf   html


16. The Baptism In The Holy Spirit Part 1   pdf  html


17. The Baptism In The Holy Spirit Part 2   pdf  html


18. The Baptism In The Holy Spirit Part 3   pdf  html


19. The Baptism In The Holy Spirit Part 4   pdf  html


20. The Baptism In The Holy Spirit Part 5   pdf  html


21. How To Receive Blessings From God By Faith pdf  html


22. Two Principles pdf  html


23. Praying for The Positive Blessing pdf  html


24. What Do You Desire That I Should Do For You? pdf  html


25. Waiting Upon The Lord pdf  html 




26. Entering The Kingdom of God pdf   html


27. The Awakened Conscience  pdf  html


28. Two Kinds of Conscience pdf  html


29. Living In The Light  pdf  html


30. The Conscience And The Word of God pdf  html


31. Downloads From Heaven Part 1 pdf  html


32. Downloads From Heaven Part 2 pdf  html


33. Downloading Wisdom From Heaven pdf  html


34. Downloading Supernatural Knowledge From Heaven pdf  html


35. Different Kinds Of Heavenly Downloads pdf  html


36. New Testament Prophecy Part 1 - What Is It? pdf  html


37. New Testament Prophecy Part 2 - Functions pdf  html


38. New Testament Prophecy Part 3 - How NT Prophecy Should Be Used pdf  html


39. New Testament Prophecy Part 4 - Who Can Prophesy? pdf  html


40. New Testament Prophecy Part 5 - The NT Prophet pdf  html


41. The Spiritual Senses - Introduction  pdf  html


42. The Spiritual Senses - Sight Part 1  pdf  html


43. The Spiritual Senses - Sight Part 2  pdf  html


44. The Spiritual Senses - Hearing Part 1  pdf  html


45. The Spiritual Senses - Hearing Part 2  pdf  html


46. The Spiritual Senses - Taste & Smell  pdf  html


47. The Spiritual Senses - Touch  pdf  html


48.  The Deception of The Spiritual Senses  pdf   html


49.  Tongues and The Interpretation of Tongues  pdf   html


50.  Words of Wisdom and Knowledge  pdf   html


Series Three - Spiritual Ministry


51.  A Prayer For Spiritual Cleansing  pdf   html


52.  What Is Spiritual Ministry  pdf   html


53.  Spiritual Ministry: Greater Works  pdf   html


54.  Spiritual Ministry: Fear & Faith  pdf   html


55. The Initiatives of Heaven Part 1  pdf   html


56. The Initiatives of Heaven Part 2  pdf   html


57. The Initiatives of Heaven Part 3  pdf   html


58. Good Works, Guidance & Spiritual Destiny  pdf   html


59. Rivers of Living Water  pdf   html


60. The Ministry Of The Impossible  pdf   html


61. The Essence Is Christ  pdf   html


62. The Ministry Of The Word Part 1  pdf   html


63. The Ministry Of The Word Part 2  pdf   html


64. The Ministry Of The Word Part 3  pdf   html


65. The Ministry of Prayer Part 1  pdf   html


66. The Ministry of Prayer Part 2  pdf   html


67. Praying In Jesus' Name  pdf   html


68. Praying For Your Heart's Desires  pdf   html


69. Praying With Eternity In View  pdf   html


70. Praying For Healing  pdf   html


71. Praying In The Opposite Spirit  pdf   html


72. Ministering Grace In The Spirit  pdf   html


73. Jesus And Our Suffering  pdf   html


74. Why Isn't Everyone Healed?  pdf   html


75. How To Fulfill Your Spiritual Ministry & Destiny  pdf   html


Series 4 - Ministry In The Kingdom


76. Mustard-Seed Ministry  pdf   html


77. The Kingdom of God Is Like Leaven  pdf   html


78. Loaves and Fishes: Consecration and Multiplication  pdf   html


79. Christ, The Mustard Seed  pdf   html


80. God As Our Resource  pdf   html


81. The Small Important Things  pdf   html


82. The Parable Of The Sower  pdf   html


83. Seeking The Specific Goodness of God  pdf   html


84. Being Astonished By God  pdf   html


85. The Benefits of Complaining (To The Lord)  pdf   html


86. The Wheat and The Tares  pdf   html


87. The Parable of the Dragnet  pdf   html


88. Sudden Disaster  pdf   html


89. The Unfruitful Fig Tree  pdf   html


90. The Woman Bent Double  pdf   html


91. The Narrow Gate  pdf   html


92. Fifteen Useful Spiritual Principles  pdf   html


93. True Faith vs. False Faith  pdf   html


94. Assurance of Salvation  pdf   html


95. Fulfilling The Law  pdf   html


96. Our Key Leadership Differences  pdf   html


97. Three Good Reasons To Pray  pdf   html


98. The Prayer of Mercy  pdf   html


99. God, Mammon and Eternity  pdf   html


100. A New Commandment  pdf   html