The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John tells the story of Christ from the aspect of the "beloved" apostle and is a very deep and glorious book of Scripture. There is so much to it that I have split in into two parts John 1-11 (The Savior Is Revealed) and John 12-21 (St. John's Passion) which is about the Cross. There are ebooks,and also a free email course

Download the Ebooks

John 1-11 - The Savior Is Revealed  PDF  DOC  MOBI  PRC  HTML
A careful exposition of the first eleven chapters of John's gospel. 144 pages, 88 bible studies. Very deep and also very encouraging. DOC, PDF and HTML formats.

John 12-21 St. John's Passion   PDF  DOC  PRC  MOBI  HTML
60 studies in John chapters 12-21 - the Last Supper, Betrayal, Trial, Cross and Resurrection of Jesus ChrisT. 

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