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John 12 - 21   St John's Passion

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This subject deals with John chapters 12-21 and examines the Last Supper, the High Priestly Prayer, the Betrayal, Trial and Crucifixion, Resurrection and Post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus Christ.

The ebook (see below) is a 123 page exposition in 60 brief daily devotionals. The student will also gain help from a good commentary such as Leon Morris' Commentary on John in the Zondervan NICNT series.

Free E-Sword bible software and modules are also recommended.

Study Procedures and Assessment  see Help file

  1. Download the ebook (see left) and read it right through; make notes to yourself as you do so.

  2. Use the research questions to help you study.

  3. Write a 1500 word (3 page) paper where you exegete and expound the following five verses (about half a page each). This is much easier than it sounds, especially if you have a good commentary .
    John 12:32
    John 14:6
    John 16:7
    John 18:36
    John 20:21

    You should do the following for EACH of the five verses:

    Context in passage
    - where does it fit in the surrounding verses.
    History and culture - any relevant Jewish or Roman culture and history.
    Key words and phrases - explain each of the key words and phrases that give meaning to the verse.
    Meaning to the hearers - what did those who heard understand by it?
    Application today - how does it apply to us now.

  4. For help with doing assignments click here

  5. When you have finished send in the assignment as an attachment using this form. Be sure to put your name and details on the front page of the assignment!

  6. I will mark the assignment and send you a Certificate of Completion.

Research Questions

  1. List the main themes in each chapter of John 12-21.

  2. As you do so ask: "What does this passage say about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit?"

  3. Look for commandments that Jesus gives His disciples and put them in context. Also work out the application of these commandments.

  4. Do research on the following four characters: John, Peter, Judas and Pilate.

  5. How does John depict the Jewish authorities?

  6. What is John's doctrine of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete?

  7. What does John tell us about prayer in his a) promises about prayer and b) Jesus' practice of prayer.

  8. What are some of the unique features of the High Priestly prayer in John 17?

  9. What is the significance of the foot-washing in John 13?

  10. How is the cross portrayed? What aspects are focused on?

  11. What are the major changes that occur in the lives of the disciples after the Resurrection?

  12. John chapter 21 is a mysterious chapter. What did Jesus do during this sea-side commissioning service? Why do you think that John recorded it?

Individual Studies

Chapter & Verse PDF DOC RTF TXT
John 12:1-8 PDF   RTF  
John 12:9-23 PDF   RTF  
John 12:24-36 PDF   RTF  
John 12:37-43 PDF   RTF  
John 12:44-50 PDF   RTF  
John 13:1-4 PDF   RTF  
John 13:5-19 PDF   RTF  
John 13:20-30 PDF   RTF  
John 13:31-38 PDF   RTF  
John 14:1-7 PDF   RTF  
John 14:8-15 PDF   RTF  
John 14:16-26 PDF DOC    
John 14:27-31 PDF DOC    
John 15:1-8 PDF   RTF  
John 15:9-16 PDF   RTF  
John 15:17 PDF      
John 15:18-25 PDF      
John 15:21-25 PDF   RTF  
John 15:26-27 PDF   RTF  
John 16:1-4 PDF   RTF  
John 16:5-7 PDF   RTF  
John 16:8-11 PDF   RTF  
John 16:12-15 PDF   RTF  
John 16:16-22 PDF   RTF  
John 16:23-28 PDF      
John 16:29-33 PDF      
John 17:1-3 PDF      
John 17:4-8 PDF   RTF  
John 17:9-12 PDF   RTF  
John 17:13 PDF   RTF  
John 17:14-18 PDF   RTF  
John 17:19 PDF   RTF  
John 17:20-23 PDF   RTF  
John 17:24-26 PDF   RTF  
John 18:1-2 PDF   RTF  
John 18:3-6 PDF   RTF  
John 18:7-9 PDF   RTF  
John 18:10-14 PDF DOC    
John 18:13-18 PDF DOC    
John 18:19-24 PDF DOC    
John 18:25-27 PDF DOC    
John 18:28-33 PDF DOC    
John 18:34-38 PDF DOC    
John 18:38-40 PDF DOC    
John 19:1-5 PDF DOC    
John 19:6-9 PDF DOC    
John 19:10-15 PDF DOC    
John 19:16-18 PDF DOC    
John 19:19-22 PDF DOC    
John 19:23-27 PDF DOC    
John 19:28-30 PDF DOC    
John 19:31-37 PDF DOC    
John 19:38-42 PDF DOC    
John 20:1-10 PDF DOC   TXT
John 20:11-18 PDF DOC   TXT
John 20:19-23 PDF DOC   TXT
John 20:24-31 PDF DOC   TXT
John 21:1-6 PDF DOC   TXT
John 21:7-14 PDF DOC   TXT
John 21:15-19 PDF DOC   TXT
John 21:20-25 PDF DOC   TXT