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Romans 1 - 8
The Righteousness that is by Faith

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John Edmiston expounds Paul's teaching in Romans chapters 1-8 and covers some of the fundamental questions about the nature of the gospel. 112 pages -both doc and pdf formats.

An exposition of the first eight chapters of the book of Romans that covers issues such as:

  • What is the gospel?

  • What is the righteousness that is by faith?

  • How did Jesus pay the price for all my sins?

  • How can I be a Christian without being religious?

  • How can I have victory over sin?

  • Why do I struggle with sin?

  • How does the Holy Spirit work in the life of a Christian?

  • Do I have to obey the laws in the Old Testament?

An exposition of Romans 1-8 by John Edmiston compiled from the series on Romans 1-8 in Eternity Daily Bible Study.