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The Kingdom Of Heaven

A free online course based on the book "The Kingdom Of Heaven" by John Edmiston (available as a free download in  PDF  DOC  MOBI  PRC  HTML format).

The course covers Jesus basic teaching about "The Kingdom of Heaven" in the Gospel of Matthew and covers much of His ethics and many of His parables.

The course is a DISCIPLESHIP level course suitable for all born-again, bible-believing Christians who want to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. No special theological knowledge or ministry experience is required. The only text-books needed are the free ebook (which you can download below) and a Bible.

Read the topics, think and pray over the material, then do the term-paper.

The course is free but donations are appreciated.

PRINT OUT THIS PAGE - it contains the information you will need.

Introduction to The Kingdom of Heaven
The Kingdom of Heaven And Salvation
Word Study
The Kingdom Of The Heavens
The Law Of Love
The Heart of Believers
Accessible To The Unspiritual
Good Works
Persecution Pt 1
Persecution Pt 2
The Will Of God
Astonishing Faith
Itinerant Christian Ministry
The Mysteries of The Kingdom
The Wheat And The Tares
The Mustard Seed
The Parable Of The Leaven
The Treasure
The Pearl Of Great Price
The Dragnet
The Well-Instructed Scribe
The Keys Of The Kingdom
The Greatest In The Kingdom
Forgiving Your Brother
Riches And The Kingdom
The Parable Of The Landowner
The Two Son
The Parable Of The Vineyard
Render Unto Caesar
Is There Marriage In Heaven?
Blockages In The Kingdom
The Ten Virgins
The Parable Of The Talents

The Free Etext - The Kingdom Of Heaven

This ebook contains 31 Eternity Daily Bible Studies on the "Kingdom of Heaven" as outlined in the Gospel of Matthew plus two introductory articles that explain some of the basic theology involved. These 33 articles are designed to give Christians an understanding of what Jesus meant when He talked about "the Kingdom of the Heavens" - which many bible students say was His main message.

On the way you will cover many practical issues on Christian living, ethics, Church & State, Christian ministry and the values we are supposed to live by as Christians. This is truly life-transforming material!

Read the Parable of the Leaven for a surprising look at how different Jesus's values were! Or "Render Unto Caesar" for His attitude to government and taxation.

The words of Jesus are timeless and piercing and never more so than when He talks about the Kingdom. These studies are "prophetic", not in the sense of telling the future but as in applying the prophetic call to righteousness to our situation today.

Discipleship Level Courses At The AIBI

The discipleship level courses at the Asian Internet Bible Institute cover key areas of Christian living. They involve studying an etext which can be downloaded for free.

The course are for bible-believing, born-again Christians of evangelical, charismatic or Pentecostal persuasions. Students should be able to say they are a born-again Christian and agree with the Apostles Creed before enrolling.

Please note that we use adult-learning strategies designed to stretch students a little. We do not expect you to "agree with everything" and you may even find some topics rather controversial (at least we hope so). Gentle structured provocation and vigorous but Christian online discussion should be part of the online learning process.

Assessment: Write a 1500 word (4 page) term paper on:

"The Kingdom of Heaven and The Church Today" and discuss four of the Kingdom saying of Jesus (one per page) and how they apply to church life and practice where you are today.

Term papers should be scripturally based and demonstrate knowledge, understanding and application of the material.