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Articles On Pastoral Issues

Your Body Is A Temple Of The Holy Spirit

Many of our emotional problems stem from what we think about our bodies and in turn what we then do with them. This article says that God created and loves your body and has a good, holy and honoring plan for it. Provides a basis for an emotionally healthy understanding of who you are that may solve many of your problems.

The Meaning Of Life
Is there meaning to life? YES! You can know the meaning of life! A deep exploration of this vexing question that starts with King Solomon and ends with Christ.

Why You Should Not Marry An Unbeliever
What the Scriptures say about marrying those outside the faith. References from Abraham right through to Paul are analyzed and seven strong reasons for not proceeding are extracted. You may be surprised, as I was, by the intensity of God's feelings on the issue.

Same Sex Marriages
Looks at what God thinks of same-sex marriages. Concludes that churches must not sanction them to any degree.

Handling Stress

Quick tips on how to handle stress well - from a Christian perspective.

Astrology - Just A Bit Of Harmless Fun
A Biblical look at astrology by Dr. Peter Kraus. Is it really "just a harmless giggle"?

A Christian Approach To Conflict Resolution
Twenty conflict resolution principles from Scripture that could make you a "peacemaker and blessed son of God" in your world.

Heroes With God's Heart
Brief testimonies of those who have defied the odds to forgive someone or be Christlike.

The Winners

"The meek shall inherit the earth". Therefore, they will be the winners and achievers. A look at what the Bible says about meekness.Part of the Sermon On The Mount series.

Profile Of An Ex-Pastor
A composite look at the personal conflicts that force some men to leave the ministry.

What's Wrong With Using Sex To Advertise Things?
An article on the commercial exploitation of sexually tempting visual imagery .

How To Counsel Your Friends
Basic "friendship" counseling.

Our experiences of desolation - in the light of the cross and Easter. (by Paul Tyson)

What's Wrong With Gambling?
Is gambling just a game.....

How To Receive Guidance From God.
Rowland Croucher takes us through some basic steps in finding God's will.

Working Out What The Bible Says About Homosexuality.
All the Bible passages on homosexuality are carefully reviewed with brief notes on each.


Rowland Croucher takes us into 1 Peter and a look at Christian hope.

Why Christians Must Take A Stand Against Pornography
Six solid reasons why pornography must be fought.

The Empowerment of the Laity

Why ministers should release church members to minister Christ.

The Art of Listening
A valuable tool for helping improve your relationships.

Habits Of Happy People
Some practical hints to help you be a happy person.

Being A Truly Christian Single
Coping Christianly with the single life.

The End Of All My Searching

Lindy Croucher looks at what it means to "know God" in a personal and meaningful way.

Setting Spiritual Goals
A  PowerPoint outlining how to set some spiritual goals for your life.

Time Management For Christian Disciples
A PDF workbook and 4 brief MP3 podcasts suitable for small group teaching. Covers the biblical basis of time management,
planning skills, how to deal with a busy schedule and howto achieve a major goal in life. Lots of biblical examples.

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