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Articles on Missions and Culture

The Strategic Front-Line Use Of The Internet In Missions

Web Evangelism Guide
How to effectively evangelize on the Internet.

Chinese Christianity - Links
Links to resources for Chinese Christians.

The Evangelization of Whole Communities
A biblical perspective on evangelization which says we need to aim the gospel at whole communities such as cities and nations - as well as at individuals.

Missions: A Humble Journey Towards A New Creation
The metaphor of the New Creation as a guiding vision for missions.

The Broken Heart of Australia Look at the spiritual heart of Australia in the light of Isaiah 40-66. Charts a possible path for revival.

Answering Islam Links to material on Islam
Life of Mahomet
Sources of Islam
Emryology and Islam
Myth in the Qur'an
Process of Islamization in Egypt
Understanding Islam - external links

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