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Acts 1-8 The Primal Church

A free online course based on the book "Acts 1-8: The Primal Church"
Available as a free download in HTML  PDF  DOC  MOBI  PRC  format.

There are also small group bible studies available Acts 1-8: The Early Church - 16 studies, ten questions each, straightforward in DOC and PDF format.

The course covers the first eight chapters of Acts in detail and issues such as:

The emergence of Christianity from Judaism.

The composition of the early Church.

The Christology of the early Church.

Pentecost , the Holy Spirit, tongues, the laying on of hands

The revival in Jerusalem and the new community.

Ethnic and cultural tensions in the early Church.

Miracles and healing and the Spirit-led life.

Persecution in early church life.

Church-State relations.

The first deacons, Christian leadership.

The marytrdom of Stephen.

Revivals among non-jews (Samaritans) and foreign proselytes (the Ethiopian eunuch).

The course is a DISCIPLESHIP level course suitable for all born-again, bible-believing Christians who want to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. No special theological knowledge or ministry experience is required. The only text-books needed are the free ebook (which you can download below) and a Bible. E-Sword bible study software is highly recommended and can be downloaded from www.e-sword.net

This is a self-study course: Read the topics, think and pray over the material, then do the term-paper.

Discipleship Level Courses At The AIBI

The discipleship level courses at the Asian Internet Bible Institute cover key areas of Christian living. They involve studying an etext which can be downloaded for free.

The course are for bible-believing, born-again Christians of evangelical, charismatic or Pentecostal persuasions. Students should be able to say they are a born-again Christian and agree with the Apostles Creed.

Please note that we use adult-learning strategies designed to stretch students a little. We do not expect you to "agree with everything" and you may even find some topics rather controversial (at least we hope so). Gentle structured provocation and vigorous but Christian online discussion should be part of the online learning process.

Assessment: Write a 1500 word (4 page) term paper on:

"The Problems, Power and Potential of the Church in Acts 1-8"

Term papers should be scripturally based and demonstrate knowledge, understanding and application of the material.

Your feedback is encouraged. johned@aibi.ph

Download the individual studies in PDF Format


Acts 1
Acts 1:1-5   Water & Spirit
Acts 1:6-11   Jesus Ascends Into Heaven
Acts 1:12-14   The Core Of The Church incl. diagram
Acts 1:15-26   Judas Is Replaced

Acts 2
Acts 2:1-4   Pentecost Arrives
Acts 2:4-13   The Gift of Tongues
Acts 2:14-21   This Is That
Acts 2:16-18   A Prophetic Church
Acts 2:19-21   An Age Of Wonders And Salvation
Acts 2:21   All Who Call On The Name Of The Lord Are Saved
Acts 2:22,23   The Predetermined Plan And Foreknowledge of God
Acts 2:23-32   The Incorruptible Christ
Acts 2:32-36   The Exalted Christ
Acts 2:37-41 The Gift Of The Holy Spirit
Acts 2:42-47 The Spirit-Filled Community

Acts 3
Acts 3: 1-10    Command Prayer
Acts 3:4-8   Strength From God
Acts 3:11-16   Through Faith In His Name
Acts 3:17-21   Times Of Refreshing
Acts 3:22-26   Blessed Through Jesus Christ

Acts 4
Acts 4:1-4   Two Reactions To Truth
Acts 4:5-12   The Stone That The Builders Rejected
Acts 4:13,14  They Had Been With Jesus
Acts 4:15-22   Listening To God Not Man

Acts 5
Acts 5:1-11   Telling Lies to God
Acts 5:12-16   Power Unleashed
Acts 5:17-21   The Gospel Cannot Be Locked Up!
Acts 5:21-33   Murderous Hearts
Acts 5:34-42   The Wise Counsel of Gamliel

Acts 6
Acts 6:1-6   The First Deacons
Acts 6:6-8    Stephen's Anointing / The Laying On Of Hands
Acts 6:9-15   The Accusers of Stephen

Acts 7
Acts 7:1-10   Stephen's Sermon Part 1
Acts 7:11-22   Stephen's Sermon Part 2
Acts 7:23-36   Stephen's Sermon Part Three - Moses The Rejected Messiah
Acts 7:37-44   Stephen's Sermon Part 4 - Idolatry
Acts 7:44-50   Stephen's Sermon Part 5 - No Temple Necessary
Acts 7:51-60    Stephen's Sermon Part 6 - Stephen Is Martyred 

Acts 8
Acts 8:1-4   From Persecution To Proclamation
Acts 8:5-8   The Samaritan Revival
Acts 8:9-13   The True Power Of God
Acts 8:14-17   Receiving The Holy Spirit
Acts 8: 18-25   God Cannot Be Bought
Acts 8:26-35   The Ethiopian Eunuch
Acts 8:36-38   Immediate Baptism
Acts 8:39,40   Philip Is Caught Away