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Harvestime Course in Russian

The courses on this page are in Russian. They are Harvestime courses for pastor training. They are free.
They teach you how to do evangelism and church-planting.

Each course is in two different formats:

rtf - word processor format, you can read it in a Russian version of Word or WordPerfect.

pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader format. CLICK HERE to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

It is exactly the same content in each format.

These modules are best used as part of a bible school being set up by a local church. Please read the Orientation Guide first.

I would like to find a Russian-speaking person to translate this page into Russian and to answer emails about these modules in Russian.


Please feel free to contact me by email.


Orientation Guide  rtf     pdf

Altar Worker's Guide  rtf     pdf

Battle For The Body  rtf     pdf

Bible Survey Old Testament  rtf    pdf

Bible Survey - New Testament  rtf    pdf

Biblical Management Principles  rtf    pdf

Creative Bible Study  rtf    pdf

Developing A Biblical World-View  rtf    pdf

Environmental Analysis  rtf    pdf

Foundations of Faith  rtf    pdf

Intercessory Prayer  rtf   pdf

Knowing God's Voice  rtf    pdf

Jail & Prison Ministry  rtf    pdf

Kingdom Living  rtf    pdf

Leaven-Like Evangelism  rtf    pdf

Management By Objectives  rtf   pdf

Ministry of The Holy Spirit  rtf    pdf

Mobilization Methodologies  rtf   pdf

Multiplication Methodologies  rtf    pdf

Power Principles  rtf    pdf

Shattering Shame  rtf    pdf

Spiritual Strategies A Manual For Spiritual Warfare  rtf    pdf

Strategies for Spiritual Harvest  rtf    pdf

Teaching Tactics  rtf    pdf

Women: A Biblical Profile  rtf    pdf


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