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Beware of Men!

The danger of the "Judas factor" in ministry and why Christian workers can be too trusting

The book review of:  "Beware of Men" - Exposing the Spirit of The Modern-Day Pharisee by K.D. Anderholm.

This is a boldly written book in a very readable style that addresses the important issue of attacks on the work of God by "religious" people operating in the flesh under the control of the Devil. The central proposition of the book is that the fiercest opposition to true Christianity has always come from religious people. He points out that such people operate out of envy, are unbelieving, critical, haughty, lack compassion and "always oppose the Holy Spirit". They are often offended by miracles and prophecy. K.D. Anderholm rightly points out that the Gospels and Acts spend a lot of time examining confrontations with such people and warning us against them. There are also many warnings in the epistles. He asserts this is a major New Testament theme that has been neglected in the teaching of the church but which is vital to the ongoing spiritual survival of those who proclaim the gospel boldly. I would like to give a copy to anyone contemplating the ministry of the gospel.

Many pastors face opposition from self-proclaimed leaders in the church who desire power and reputation before men rather than the progress of the Kingdom of God. This is the first book I have read that actually deals with this issue from a biblical perspective. It gives sound and to my mind godly recommendations for dealing with criticism and does not recommend the development of martyr complexes or indulging in witch-hunts for Pharisees. Kerry Anderholm comes across as a humble person with a passion for short-term missions and for God's work today. He respects authority and is not a loner with a chip on his shoulder about "Pharisees". His alt chapter is entitled "Hope For The Pharisee" and shows a pastoral concern for those caught up in this rigid mindset.

His section on pride really spoke to me - it was very discerning and accurate and drove me to prayer. There are quite a few passages worth underlining as you read. His five suggestions for handling false accusations are 1. Continue in well-doing 2.Love your enemies. 3. Let God defend you 4. Rejoice and shout for joy! 5. Pray. It took me the best part of 15 years to work these out for myself in ministry and he puts them in a few pages! This book is full of valuable advice for those who want to serve God at the cutting edge where criticism is at it most fierce. He defines the common Pharisaic traps as flattery, insincere questions, inclusion (join the club) and exclusion (thrown out of the synagogue). The recommended antidotes are keeping your eye on the Lord at all times, being alert to these traps, being led by the Spirit who gives special wisdom to those under attack and of course, prayer. Kerry Anderholm answers fleshly tactics with spiritual ones and avoids the pitfall of fleshly responses to fleshly challenges.

On the negative side "Beware of Men" needs a bit more editing and tightening up. It is self-published and lacks polish in places. It could do with a bit deeper analysis of a few issues, a more systematic and accessible arrangement for later reference and the removal of much of the Pentecostal and North American jargon. I would like to see a second edition produced with these corrections and an index.

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