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Habits Of Happy People

I came across this on the Net. The author is an unknown chap called "Michael".

We are all searching for happiness and peace. I often wonder what it takes to be happy and stay happy, I have come up with a few habits that, if I consciously practice, make me happy.

  1. Love God with all my heart and soul, and love others as I love myself.

  2. Be non-judgmental-Judge nothing that occurs.

  3. Forgive myself and others for being human and making mistakes.

  4. Be defenseless, feel no need to convince or persuade others of my point of view. Be open to all view points.

  5. Accept the present as it is and wish for things to be better.

  6. Take responsibility for my past actions, which means not blaming anyone, including myself. Look for opportunities in disguise when problems arise.

  7. Witness the choices I make each moment and ask myself if the choice I am making will bring happiness to me and those around me.

  8. Allow myself and those around me to be as they are.

  9. Accept the uncertainty of the future and release my desires to God and wait for Him to act.

  10. Do not worry about the future, have faith that the Lord will guide me.

What do you do to be happy?

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