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How To Use GlobalChristians.Org

GlobalChristians.Org is like a bible school that has a big library. You can both enroll in GlobalChristians.Org or just browse the resources. Click on the links below to get the help you need.

You are free to use GlobalChristians.Org any way you like - do a course, read an article or download something and read it later. To this end we have short courses, long courses, (for course descriptions see below), articles, material to download and links to other places on the Internet that are full of useful information.

Much of the material has also been compiled into zip files and ebooks - so you can quickly download them to your computer and read them without having to be connected to the Internet. The ebooks and zip files are "compressed" which means that you can download 20 or major articles in five minutes or so in one hit. This keeps your costs down when using the Internet.

We also can put you in touch with other Christians at our Interaction Center. If you are going to use GlobalChristians.Org for serious study we ask you to enroll.


To enroll in a course CLICK HERE, then fill out the form ,selecting the course/s you wish to enroll in. Make sure you read the material in the left hand column (of the enrollment page) including the course descriptions. The courses are all free. You must be a bible-believing, born-again Christian and over 18 to do the courses.

Finding Information

To find information about a topic that interests you CLICK HERE and you will end up at our Search page which has a Google site search engine on it. You can search the entire web or you can just search aibi.ph which contains GlobalChristians.Org. Type in the term you want and press "Google Search" and you will quickly find all you would like about the topic. Try searching for the following terms: "Jeremiah", "prayer" and "church management" and you will find information about each of them in the vast resources of GlobalChristians.Org!

Using Ebooks

GlobalChristians.Org uses electronic books to help students download their class material as quickly as possible over the slow Internet connections that are common in rural parts of Asia. An ebook can contain hundreds of pages of bible teaching yet take only 3 minutes to download and they can be read in most web browsers.

GlobalChristians.Org mainly uses KeeBoo ebook technology because it requires no special software. You can read a KeeBoo ebook in any web browser. That way students in Internet cafes do not have to ask the owner of the cafe if they can download Acrobat reader or other special ebook software. With KeeBoo all you need is Internet Explorer and that is on nearly all Windows PC's. (KeeBoo ebooks work best with Internet Explorer and not so well with Navigator and poorly with Opera and other browsers).

Keeboo ebooks come in two types - zip and exe. The "zip" type are just the books files compressed together with the ebook program. The "exe" type is the zip type plus an extra self-installing program that makes them easier to install and use. Mac users should use the "zip" type PC users should use the "exe" type of ebook.

EXE type ebooks - download the ebook to your computer. Remember where you put the file. Use Windows Explorer -find the file, double click on it. It will install itself. Follow the prompts. When it says do you want it on your desktop click "Yes". Finish installation, go to your desktop, click on the KeeBoo icon and your book will open. Select "full page view" and read your ebooks. You can turn the pages with the yellow arrows down the bottom.

ZIP type ebooks - download the ZIP file to your computer. Remember where you put it. Use WinZip or similar archiver program to open the file. (Hint: Make sure you extract it into a directory of its own and not into your downloads folder! So in extract to you might type ebook1 for the folder name) Go the folder where you put the extracted files and find the file called "index.html" and double-click on it, or open it in your favorite web browser. The ebook will come up and you can start work.

Online Etiquette

Theological discussions can get a bit heated at times so there need to be a few ground rules about how we conduct ourselves as Christians online. Here they are:

Disagree with ideas but not with people. You can say "I think that Calvinism is wrong at points a, b and c" - that's fine. But to say "I think all Calvinists are bone-heads" is an unacceptable personal attack. Jesus never criticized the Pharisees by name or in overly general terms - rather he pointed out specific practices and teachings that were wrong. That is a wise practice to follow.

Remember GlobalChristians.Org is both Christian and interdenominational. That is we are a bunch of born-again, bible-believing Christians. But we come in lots of flavors - evangelical, charismatic, Pentecostal, Catholic renewal, Anglican, mainline Protestant etc. Therefore we will see life very differently and I want to nurture that diversity because it enriches us all. You can expect people at GlobalChristians.Org to be Christians and not Buddhists or atheists, but you cannot expect everyone to believe exactly what you believe.

Please do not USE ALL CAPITALS it is considered as shouting and is very rude online.

No rude language, sexual suggestion, online marketing, MLM schemes, pornography, personal attacks, threats, racial hatred or abuse. (You will be gently warned once, then if your persist you will be strongly reprimanded, then if you still continue you will be expelled.)

Remember that anyone can visit GlobalChristians.Org and that we do not have control over the people who choose to visit our site or leave messages. If you spot something wrong then email us and we will do what we can to fix it ASAP. We rely on you to tell us when an offense has occurred - its a big site and we cannot be everywhere at once.

Be concise in your comments. It is appreciated by all who read it. Remember some people are on slow, expensive Internet connections in Asia and the time they spend reading a very long post is time and money wasted.

Selecting A Course

GlobalChristians.Org is currently offering the two-year Harvestime Bible College course for pastors, church planters and evangelists.

Harvestime Bible College Course Two-year bible college course that trains people in evangelism and church growth and basic pastoral knowledge and skills. Only text needed is a bible. English level is fairly straightforward and simple. Has already run in 50 countries successfully, is now online.

GlobalChristians.Org is also offering fifteen Short Courses on topics as diverse as prayer, urban ministry and the life and ministry of Jesus.

Interaction Center / Online Classrooms

The Interaction Center is where you find other people and can use the discussion forums, share prayer points, catch up on GlobalChristians.Org news and announcements and get help when you need it. It is also your online classroom.

When you first go to the Interaction Center you will need to register - and choose a username and password. You can choose anything you like, this will become your identity on the discussion forums.

The Interaction Center is where your online classrooms are located. Your lecturer may ask you to participate in forums, use a reflective journal or upload certain files. You will find links to these on the left-hand side of the relevant subject area.

The forums are public discussion areas for each subject. They will have topics - and you are expected to contribute a reply/replies to the question being asked.

They are like a notice board at the school cafeteria where people put up something and someone adds a note down the bottom and on it goes. You log on, read the comments that are there, then add your own. The other person does not have to be there at the time, they will log on later and reply to you.

The whole class can read the forum and so it becomes a place for Christian discussion and debate (in a spirit of mutual edification). Personal attacks ('flames") are not allowed.

The reflective journals are for your personal reflection on the course material. Only you and the lecturer get to see what is written there. You can freely express yourself.

The files area is where you can share relevant files for the class.Some lecturers may ask you to do research and upload the results for the whole class to use. In that case use the files area. Please virus check all files before uploading. NB: Copyright material, music files and potentially dangerous files such as exe files and pif files are not allowed to be uploaded to the files area.

The Drop-Box is where you upload the assessment for that subject.

Downloading Ebooks and Files

To download an ebook or a file, click on the link and then follow the instructions in your browser. Remember where you put the file on your computer. Then use Windows Explorer or a similar file manager, go to the file, double click on it and it should open.

Zip Files

Some files are ZIP files. To open these you need an archiver program such as WinZip - it is probably on your computer already. Zip files are not complicated - they are just compressed and "zipped Up" making them much smaller and hence easier to distribute over the Internet. WinZip just "opens the envelope" and extracts the file from being zipped up back to its normal uncompressed state. Just install WinZip then click on the "zip file" in Windows Explorer and the file should open - then just follow the simple instructions on the screen.

PDF Files

PDF stands for "portable document format" and its a very nice, attractive and secure way of presenting data so that other people can download it and use it - whether they have PC or a Mac or Linux or whatever. However to read a PDF file you need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (just click on the link at left). Once you have done that and installed it on your computer you will be able to read PDF files - and that's a good idea because lots of people are using them now!

Using Articles In Your Ministry

Generally speaking you may use articles from GlobalChristians.Org for personal ministry, a bible class, sermon etc. but not for publication, use in the mass media etc. The articles are all copyright and if you want to reproduce an article then simply e-mail the author and ask him or her for permission. Some authors give permission in the article itself, others are a bit more restrictive. Always check with the individual author. When the author is John Edmiston (that's me) you may use the article for ministry purposes quite freely but not in the mass media or print or elsewhere on the Internet without permission. So say you find one of my articles on prayer and you want to teach it to your bible class - go right ahead and send me a note telling me how it went! I love to hear of my material being used for God's glory! However if you want to publish it in your denominational newspaper - then please drop me a note first.