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Beyond Denomination
The Networked Church

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Beyond Denominations is a moderately advanced theological concepts and knowledge of church life and practice. It is recommended for those who have been Christians for at least five years and have read the NT through at least twice.

It is based on a free online course based on the book "Beyond Denominations - The Networked Church" by John Edmiston.

The course covers questions of Christian unity, post-denominationalism Christian networks and apostolic leadership and proposes constructive alternatives to denominationalism.

Topics We Will Cover

First we will look at 6 foundational bible studies:

  • What's Wrong With Disunity?
  • A Brother Offended
  • How To Trust Other People Without Being Burned
  • In One Accord
  • The Gospel Gang
  • Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Then we will look at the practical implications and alternative structures by going through the main chapters in the book.

Introduction & Outlining The Problem

Local Area Networks

Task Focussed Christian Organisations

Implementation 1- General Principles

Implementation 2 - Practical Considerations

Getting From Here To There

2 Corinthians and The New Apostolic Reformation

Apostles and Church Discipline

Franciscan Apostolic Network

Self Assessment

Please do the following 1500 word (4 page) term paper on:

"What is/are the optimal structure(s) that the Church can adopt in order to facilitate Christan growth and ministry?"

Essays should be scripturally based and demonstrate an understanding and application of the material in Beyond Denominations.

The Free Etext : Beyond Denominations - The Networked Church

I think there is a better way of being a Christian than denominationalism - in fact I'm sure of it.

I think there is a better way of doing Christian ministry than denominationalism - in fact I'm sure of it.

So I have written a  brief e-book that you can read quickly and pass around to others who may be having similar thoughts. In this second edition I have included some bible studies and additional material especially relating to C.Peter Wagners "new Apostolic Reformation".

Beyond Denominations basically says that denominations can be replaced by two structures:

1) Local area networks of churches doing the pastoral functions such as worship, the sacraments, counselling and preaching and teaching.

2) Task focused Christian organisations doing the specialised ministry tasks such as hospitals, schools, missions, evangelism, aged care and bible translation. The book has six short chapters and a one page introduction. The chapters outline the problem then discuss local area networks and task focused Christian minsitries then go on to look at how we can devolve the work that denominations are doing over to thesetwo structures and close the door at denominational HQ

The book is in a concise question and answer format. It is a plea for unity and sanity. Its provocative I hope but also moderate, balanced and as wise as I can make it. It is written from an Australian perspective but with appropriate changes should apply to the majority of Western denominational situations

The course are for bible-believing, born-again Christians of evangelical, charismatic or Pentecostal persuasions. Students should be able to say they are a born-again Christian and agree with the Apostles Creed before enrolling.

Please note that we use adult-learning strategies designed to stretch students a little. We do not expect you to "agree with everything" and you may even find some topics rather controversial (at least we hope so). Gentle structured provocation and vigorous but Christian online discussion should be part of the online learning process.

May you be blessed and grow in Him.

John Edmiston