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Downloads And Resources

Bible resources, Church History resources, Christian classics that you can download and read offline. Includes bibles, creeds, famous tracts, and books on prayer and the spiritual life.

Bible Resources


Greek New Testament
(Nestle-Aland I think)

Naves Topical Bible

Visual Bible

King James Bible (text)

How To Have A Healing Ministry In Your Church

Spurgeon's Psalms of David

Old Testament Survey

Weymouth Bible

Luke's Gospel

Church History

A collection of famous Church History documents. I used them to help students interact with the original texts when I taught Church History. This is much better than just learning dates from a book - try it!

Early Church - Creeds & Controversies

Apostle's Creed

Documents from the Seven Ecumenical Councils

Creed of Chalcedon

Nicene Creed

Nicene Creed 381AD version

Gospel of Barnabas

Shepherd of Hermas

The Didache


Martyrdom of Polycarp

1 Clement

2 Clement

Athanasius On The Incarnation (C.S.Lewis)


Medieval & Mystical

Testament of St. Francis

Rule of St. Francis

St. Francis of Assisi - Prayers

Some Quotes from the Summa (Aquinas)

St John of The Cross (various writings)

William of Ockham

Ignatius Loyola - Exercises

Christian Classics

Blaise Pascal - Pensees

Boethius - Consolation of Philosophy

George Fox - Journal

William Booth - Darkest England

William Booth - Vision

Luther's Preface of Paul's Epistle To The Romans

Luther - 95 Theses

Luther - Christ Our Great High Priest

Jonathan Edwards- Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God

Jonathon Edwards - Treatise Of Religious Affections

William Carey - Enquiry

Hudson Taylor - Union and Communion

Spurgeon - All of Grace

Dostoevsky - Review

Alexander Solzhenistsyn - A world Split Apart

Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream