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Living in the End Times

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Twenty bible studies on the end times from a pre-tribulational, pre-millenial perspective. Covers the resurrection, tribulation, judgment, last days, Heaven, Hell etc. and are optimized for small group discussion.

A research-based course, which examines the events of the End Times, and how they affect our life and salvation

The free etext is a set of twenty studies.

1.   Download the ebook - it is the free etext for the course.

2.  Next write and reflect - in your personal journals.

3.  Third - do the assignment which is to: Write a 1500 word (3 page) term paper on: "What is God's plan for the end of the age."

Term papers should be scripturally based and demonstrate knowledge, understanding and application of the course material.

You may find the free E-Sword Bible Study Software helpful in this research project.