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john edmistonEternity Daily Bible Study is a daily Spirit-filled in-depth bible study for those who wish to grow in the knowledge of God and His Word. The studies are from an interdenominational charismatic/evangelical perspective and will arrive in your inbox 5 days a week.

The bible studies are exegetical and tackle important themes and passages in Scripture. They are each about 2 pages long and are ideal for lunch-time bible studies. We have just finished John chapters 12-21 are currently doing Acts chapters 1-8, translation into Spanish is also underway and when it is completed the Spanish studies should also be made available here.

Feel free to browse the archives or download short ebooks containing collections of the studies - you will find these below.

The author John Edmiston is an Australian missionary who lives in Los Angeles and travels in South-East Asia. John is the President of the Asian Internet Bible Institute which provides free online bible and ministry training to pastors in developing nations.

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CURRENT SERIES: The Importance of Love

Previous series:  Walking In The Spirit

Archives - read previous Eternity daily bible studies

Prayers That Work (Eternity 4-19)
Prayers from Scripture especially those we are asked to pray for.

Connecting With Jesus (Eternity 22-34)
Life in Christ, abiding in Christ, living the resurrected Christian life.

The Kingdom of Heaven (Eternity 104-139)
The Kingdom of heaven in Matthew's gospel.

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