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The Ministry of Healing

healingImage1 This course deals with both physical healing, inner healing and emotional trauma. It does not certify anyone to be a professional counsellor. It does help Christians to minister biblically in a local church setting.

1.   Download and read the ebook Principles of Healing - it is the free etext for the course.

2.   Second, discuss the principles of healing and the questions it raises in your class.

3.  Third write and reflect - in your personal journals.

You may find the free E-Sword Bible Study Software helpful in this research project.

Relevant Articles

The Healing Ministry of Jesus
The healing ministry of Jesus is one of his best documented activities in the gospels but it is seldom reviewed "as a whole". This article puts His healing ministry into His life and the context of redemption. The big picture/broad context theological view.

The Mercy of God and Healing
God is merciful and in His mercy He heals sinful and broken mankind. This article looks at healing and God's mercy "Lord, have mercy on me" and grounds healing ministry in the nature and character of God.

Principles of Healing
Biblical principles on healing.

Working Out What The Bible Says On: Jesus and Healing
Twelve attitudes that Jesus had towards healing.

Theology: Who Is "The Inner Man"? And What Is He Like?

Article: What Is A Christian Nature? - The Inner Man Part Two
The above two articles are one long article about our inner selves in Christ and what that person is like.


How To Minister Healing
There is no such thing as a "magical" healing technique that works every time for every person. Nevertheless there are better and worse ways of going about healing. Firstly I share the method that works for me, then the method that worked for John Wimber.

Healing Service Procedure
How to run a brief, practical, dignified and effective healing service in a local church.

40 Scripture Memory Verses On Healing
Scripture verses to build faith in those being healed and those who pray for them.

Healing, Health and Medicine
Should Christians use health food shops? Should they throw away their pills "by faith"? What is the difference between good, bad and neutral medicine?

Bible Study - Encourage One Another
Encouragement is an important part of the healing environment. How to go about it!

How To Have A Healing Ministry In Your Church
These notes were used in the development of a healing ministry at a local church.

Spiritual Warfare and Renewal

Demons and Their Destruction

Demons, what they are and how to defeat their effects on our body, mind and spirit.

Dealing With Jagged Emotions
Dealing with emotions that seem raw and jagged is possible by the power of God.

Fasting is a key to spiritual power and protection.

Faith and Prayer
Praying in faith is one of the great keys to the Christian life. this articles teaches you to engage God in deep faith.

Married People Must Learn To Forgive
A pastor writes about how forgiveness heals marriages.

Inner Healing and Emotional Healing
Healing the wounded inner man or woman.

Infertility -Couples Who Cannot Have Children
The long journey of a faithful Christian without children.

Praying In Faith
How to pray in faith.

Personal Renewal

The Christian's Struggle With Sin

Winning the battle with sin is a long-term struggle that brings health to the soul.

Releasing The Holy Spirit Into Your Life
The Holy Spirit is the Great healer and as we release Him into our lives we are healed in many different ways.

How To Handle Stress
Coping with the fast pace of modern life.

Trials and Testings
What's the value of tough times?

Problems and Questions

Common Questions About Healing
Covers the most common question about healing. Is it for today? Why isn't everyone healed? Can Christians use medicines? What about psychologists? etc.

False Miracles
Not all healing is of God and we should beware of false practitioners.

The Occult - What's Wrong With Exploring The "Other Side"?
Lets be clear about it - the occult is NOT a godly alternative to Christian healing!

Other Ebooks

Principles of Healing  PDF  DOC  MOBI  PRC  
This study aims to work out what Jesus attitude was towards healing. It was a controversial area for us today but it was very much part of Jesus life and ministry.

Praying To Move Mountains  PDF  DOC  MOBI  PRC   
Prayer should be answered and be effective. This can happen if we follow what the Bible says about prayer. Starts with "What Happens When Christians Pray" and has 22 studies and articles on how we can pray powerfully when we pray biblically.

The Heavenly Realms  PDF   DOC  MOBI  PRC 
Takes a look at Heaven, Hell & Judgment, the spirit world, Satan, angels, demons, etc and encourages the believer to be "in the Spirit" and aware of their status in Christ.

Biblical EQ- A Christian Handbook For Emotional Transformation
A biblical Christian approach to emotional intelligence and emotional management that uses Jesus Christ as the model for Christian living and emotionality. Explores the central place and importance of emotions in the Christian life and offers both a deep understanding of Christian emotionality and practical help with managing our strong emotions and expressing them wisely and well.
Spanish version (Espanol)

Temples and Tithes   PDF  DOC  MOBI  PRC  
Questions many Old Testament practices common in church life today. These include tithing, observing the Sabbath, calling a church building a temple, restrictions on food and drink, and "obeying the Ten Commandments". Its sure to give you a shock! Also shows you how to live a holy life in God's freedom.