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The Spiritual Dynamics of Global Issues
Online Course: The Spiritual Dynamics of Global Issues
(previously known as The Church And Globalization)

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A free online course that discusses John Edmiston's etext "The Market, The Kingdom and The Terrorists" and looks at issues of economic injustice, globalization, terrorism and Christian peace-making.

The focus is on "spiritual dymanics" - the underlying spiritual, moral, psychological and theological forces and issues of good and evil.

Assessment: A 2000 word reflective paper based on your reading of and reaction to the course etext "The Market, The Kingdom and The Terrorists"

Students are encouraged to develop their own point of view.

Term papers should be scripturally based and demonstrate knowledge, understanding and application of the course material.

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E-Book Individual Chapters

Part One - The Prophetic Perspective
The Final Division
In The Beginning
What I Am Saying And What I Am Not Saying
Trade And The Christian
The Messengers

Part Two - Economic Injustice
Why Decent People In Good Companies Do Terrible Things
The Heart of Darkness
How Economic Injustice Is Producing Angry People
The Equal And Opposite Reaction
The Rise Of The Unreasonable Man
The Cult of Death

Part Three - The Church's Response To Economic Injustice
A Biblical Perspective On Prosperity and Poverty
Spiritual Aspects of Prosperity
Is There Any Such A Thing As A Biblical Work Ethic
The Church And The Challenge of Globalization
A Biblical Perspective on Politics
The Rational Pragmatic Christian Activist

Part Four - Christian Peace-Making, The Christian Response To Terrorism.
St Francis And The Wolf

About the Ebook - The Market, The Kingdom and The Terrorists

The ebook discusses the spiritual dynamics of global issues and focussed attention on globalization, economic injustice, processes of radicalization and terrorism, just economics and peace-making. The Market, The Kingdom and The Terrorists is from a "prophetic" stand-point in that it uses biblical paradigms to understand our current global disorder.

Download "The Market, The Kingdom And The Terrorists" second edition
Christian Peace-Making
Personal Peace-Making
Christian Conflict Resolution
When Your Enemy Is Hungry
The Clear Implications