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Temples and Tithes

Questions many Old Testament practices common in church life today. These include tithing, observing the Sabbath, calling a church building a temple, restrictions on food and drink, and "obeying the Ten Commandments". Its sure to give you a shock! Also shows you how to live a holy life in God's freedom.

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Do I have to observe the Sabbath? Are there blessings for tithing and curses for not tithing ? What happened to the Old Testament sacrificial system?
Do I have to keep the Ten Commandments to be saved? Are there still clean and unclean foods? Are Jewish Christians superior to Gentile Christians?
Can I eat the food in a Hare Krishna temple? What does the Bible mean by "saved by grace"? Why don't we have to observe all the old Jewish religious practices?
What does it mean to be "a citizen of heaven"? Why aren't the Jews saved? After all they worship the same God that we do? Is the local church building a temple?
Are just pastors priests or are we all priests? What does it mean to be holy? Are New Testament prophets the same as Old Testament prophets? Can people these days say "thus said the Lord"?
Are Christians allowed to drink alcohol? Why do some Christians oppose celebrating Christmas and Easter? What does it mean to be Spirit-filled?
How come people in the Old Testament didn't cast out demons but in the New Testament it was common? What sort of "sacrifices and offerings" should Christians bring"? Are they mainly financial or spiritual? How did the nature of church leadership change between OT and NT?
Why can't I just take OT scriptures and apply them literally today? What are the similarities and differences between Israel and the Church? Do Christians have to give 10% of their income to the local church?
Did the Law pass away at the cross? Moving Ahead - What do we do next?