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How to Study at AIBI

The Antioch Internet Bible International is a practical ministry center designed to equip Asian pastors, missionaries and Christian workers "in the field".

It is designed so all the textbooks are downloadable and free and all you need is a Bible and an Internet connection - say at a local Internet cafe. Students can study at their own time and pace without leaving their ministry location.

Our students study in small groups known as extension campuses or "local church based bible colleges".

You can contact GlobalChristians.Org at any time with your study questions. Download GlobalChristians.Org Student Handbook which will answer most of your questions.

Formal Study

Formal study takes place in a local church or small group setting known as an extension campus. You download the study materials and discuss them in your group, All marking is done by the pastor or small group leader who then reports the result to us. The local church can charge its own fees as long as they are set at a reasonable level. You can set up your own extension campus for just $124.95 see the extension campus link above. You have a choice of five different certificate courses Or the Harvestime church-planting course. You can discuss the course material in the class forums

Go to the Ebooks section and download the electronic textbook for your course. It's free!

If you need an email address you can get a free email address from GlobalChristians.Org.

A CD-ROM is available for $49.95 USD containing all the course materials plus a very adequate E-Sword bible search program and reference material.

There is an Assessment Center where you can download the exams and get help with your studies. A good referencing system for use in your assignments can be found here

Please consider making a donation to GlobalChristians.Org as that is how we fund the ministry.

For technical questions such as zip files, PDF etc. then go to our How To Use GlobalChristians.Org section.

Informal Study (browsing the site, searching for material)

If you are looking for a specific topic use the site search engine, just type in your search term and hit enter. If you are looking for a general subject area such as prayer, missions or evangelism just use the links on the articles and ebooks page. If you are looking for bible study resources go to our bible study tools page, scroll through the list of links and use the tools there - you are bound to find what you need!

For downloads and resources just click on the link, browse the material and download away!