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Eternity Daily Bible Study - Audio Files

I am experimenting with putting Eternity Daily Bible Study in audio format as MP3 files.

They are recorded as mono, 96kbps voice files to keep the bandwidth down and to minimize file size.

They are each about ten minutes long.

(Sound quality is improved if the DFX plug-in is used with WinAMP, Real Audio, Windows Media Player etc.)

I am starting with the current series "Living In Christ".

Ephesians 4

Eternity 240 - Walk Worthy! (7.89 MB)
Eternity 241 - The Basis of Christian Unity (5.82 MB)
Eternity 242 - That He Might Fill All Things (6.90 MB)
Eternity 243 - Gifts from Above (6.17 MB)
Eternity 244 - The Church: A Living Community of Mature Christlike Believers (7.04)
Eternity 245 - The Church is to be Radically Different from the World  (6.35 MB)
Eternity 246 - Putting On the New Man (5.59 MB)
Eternity 247 - Putting Off the Old Man (6.7 MB)

Ephesians 5

Eternity 248 - Walk in Love  (8.6 MB)

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