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Introduction To "The Kingdom of Heaven"

This ebook contains 31 Eternity Daily Bible Studies on the "Kingdom of Heaven" as outlined in the Gospel of Matthew plus two introductory articles that explain some of the basic theology involved. These 33 articles are designed to give Christians an understanding of what Jesus meant when He talked about "the Kingdom of the Heavens" - which many bible students say was His main message.

On the way you will cover many practical issues on Christian living, ethics, Church & State, Christian ministry and the values we are supposed to live by as Christians. This is truly life-transforming material!

Read the Parable of the Leaven for a surprising look at how different Jesus's values were! Or "Render Unto Caesar" for His attitude to government and taxation.

The words of Jesus are timeless and piercing and never more so than when He talks about the Kingdom. These studies are "prophetic", not in the sense of telling the future but as in applying the prophetic call to righteousness to our situation today.

For more on this discipleship level AIBI course go to: https://globalchristians.org/kingdom/

May you be mightily blessed and grow in Christ!

John Edmiston



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