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Biblical Perspectives on Urban Ministry

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Covers the biblical and theological basis for urban mission and biblical perspectives on urban issues such as poverty, leadership and globalization.

Lecturer: John Edmiston

Theological Stance: Evangelical/Charismatic

Cost: Free

Assessment: Write a 2000 word (4 page) term paper on: "The specific application of the principles of Urban Ministry to three situations in your life and ministry"

Term papers should be scripturally based and demonstrate knowledge, understanding and application of the course material.

Free E-Text - The Biblical Foundations of Urban Ministry  PDF  DOC
The text takes approximately 3 minutes to download over a 28.8 K modem and can be read offline (that is when you are not connected to the Internet) in any web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer, (there are some difficulties with Opera) thus saving you time online. It can also be printed out.

Additional Free Etext - Readings in Urban Missions  PDF  DOC  MOBI  PRC
Readings in Urban Ministry - an eighteen week series of readings prepared for the Introduction To Urban Missions course at the Asian Theological Seminary.

Articles/Lectures - The following table contains articles and lectures relevant to the course. They are all also in the ebook/etext. The course will cover all 8 lectures in the theology section then five lectures each on the other two sections. Many of them were written while I was the editor of Eternity Online Magazine and some are chapters from my book The Market, The Kingdom and the Terrorists.

Recommended Readings in Urban Ministry

Urban Theology Social and Economic Issues Personal Development Of The Spirit-Filled Urban Minister
The Salvation of Whole Communities The Epistle To Philemon - Community and Social Justice In The Early Church The Anointing
The Kingdom of God A Biblical Perspective On Politics Godliness In The Marketplace
Cities In God's Plan Prosperity And Poverty Who Should We Love? Who Should We Hate?
A Theological Basis For Urban Mission The Spiritual Basis of Prosperity The Rational Pragmatic Christian Leader
Networks In The New Testament And In The City The Church and Globalization Praying For Governments
25 Biblical Strategies For Urban Ministry Money-Changers And Misery - The Evil of Currency Trading Praying The Price of Revival
When Rights Clash - Church vs.State Is There Any Such Thing As A Biblical Work Ethic? Praying For The Lost
The Learning Organization - Christians In Community St Francis, The Wolf And The City - A Parable of Urban Peace-Making How To Become An Intercessor
A Pauper's Experience of Christmas