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A Theology of Politics

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75 POINTS YOU NEED TO KNOW Should Christians be involved in politics? Does God determine the fate of nations? Why do we need to pray for politicians? What is our authority?


To assist voters in choosing wisely we have devised the 4 C system for checking aspiring candidates.

The 4C system does not follow any personality, party or particular religious creed.

Instead it looks at four essential characteristics of a worthy election candidate. They are:

CHARACTER - do they have integrity?
COMPETENCE - are they intelligent and capable of doing the job?
CONNECTIONS -who are they connected to?
CONTENT - of their policies.

Character determines choices under pressure. The person of weak character will give way but the strong person will stand. The honest person will have integrity but the dishonest person will steal from the government coffers. A person of solid character will bring poise and power to the nation while the weak and impulsive person will make foolish choices, rush into trouble and ruin the country. Vote for good character and for men and women of strong principles tested over time.

Competence determines how the leader handles complex situations - such as the economy, justice, technology and peace-making. In today's fast-moving world a leader must be "on the ball" and able to make good decisions quickly. A casual attitude to decision-making will not work. A good leader must understand the issues in depth. A wise politician is able to analyze all the relevant information. This requires a highly intelligent and capable person. Check that the person you vote for has held responsible leadership positions and performed well. Vote for competence. Vote for leaders who are intelligent, capable, and wise.

Connections determine who has influence on a leader. By looking at who backs the politician and who that person "runs with" we can get a good idea of the how they will be influenced in office. Is the leader surrounded by good competent people or by fraudsters and criminals? Is he or she obligated to a certain business firm or to wealthy backers? Is he or she surrounded by the wise - or by the unwise? By the stable or the unstable and revolutionary? Have they been associated with rebel groups or coup attempts? Vote for candidates who have good connections, for those who have wise and beneficial associates.

Content determines the direction of their policies. This tells us about the plans they have for the Philippines. All leaders, both good and bad, have plans. But sometimes these plans are impractical, self-serving or foolish. Noble leaders make noble plans and by these noble plans they stand. Candidates should have a clear positive vision for the nation. Their policies should be good, and wise and practical. Voters should be able to check these policies. The candidate should be able to outline the content of their policies, in some detail, before the election. Vote for good content. Vote for candidates with good policies that are clearly stated well before the election.


  • Do not sell your vote. In doing so you are selling your future prosperity to a crook.

  • Do not just vote for "charm" and popularity. Check their character.

  • Do not vote for someone with abilities that have nothing to do with politics e.g. boxing ability. Check - are they really a good competent leader?

  • Do not vote for someone just because they are from your region. Check they are also worthy of your vote.

  • Do not vote for someone just because they follow your religion. Check that they can lead and are wise and capable.

  • Do not vote for someone just because they are among the powerful and elite. Check that they are honest and have good policies.

  • Do not vote for someone who promises to have some policies in the future. If they do not have policies now they should not be standing for election. It is too late to make them up in office when the pressure is on.

  • Do not vote for someone with obviously corrupt connections who says they will not be influenced by them. The connections are not backing the candidate out of charity.

From my friends at the VoteRight campaign a great Voter Education PowerPoint (500KB)

Visit the official COMELEC (Commission on Elections) website where you can learn about election laws etc.

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