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Spiritual Warfare

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This subject in Spiritual Warfare deals with prayer, dealing with evil spirits, curses, hexes and spells, deliverance from demons, spiritual authority, the Believers place in the heavenly realms, angels, the Filipino spirit-world and shrines and sacred objects.

Free Textbook: A Quick Primer On Spiritual Warfare is available online in pdf, html, doc and rtf formats.

Spiritual Warfare Outline:

The Three Heavens And The Eight Spiritual Realms

Angels And The Law, Demons And The Gentile Religions

The Church

The Time Of Transition Between OT& NT– John The Baptist

The Old Religions, Fears, Taboos And Rituals, & The “Stoichea”

The Occult - What's Wrong With Exploring The "Other Side"?

Dealing With Curses, Hexes And Spells

Astrology - "Oh, But Its Only A Bit Of Fun!"

How Satan Operates

Spiritual Warfare For The Totally Afraid

The Blood Of Jesus Christ

The Baptism Of Jesus And The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

Spiritual Authority

The Keys Of The Kingdom

The World, The Flesh And The Devil

Babylon, Empires, And Satan As The “Prince Of Trade”

Overcoming The Flesh Through The Masterful Spirit-Filled Mind

What You Believe Is What You Receive

Standing On The Promises Of God

Deliverance Ministry

A Christian Perspective On Mental Illness- With Special Reference To Demons, Exorcism, And Religious Ideation

Cleansing Of Houses, Lands And Property + Catholic Saints In The Philippines & The Veneration Of Images

Sacrificing To Spirits Is Demonic + Feng-Shui And The Search For Luck And Fortune

Contacting The Dead Is Abominable To God

Archangels, Cherubim, Seraphim, Horsemen And Living Creatures

Personal Guardian Angels

Angels - In The Last Judgment

National Angels And Watchers, Principalities And Powers

Spirit Beings

Demons, Unclean Spirits And Fallen Angels