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R.E.A.P. Manual - Individual Chapters

This is the R.E.A.P Manual in chapter by chapter format. There are both PDF and Word (doc) formats.The first link is the PDF file, (the underlined chapter title) next to it is the "doc version" - exactly the same file but in WORD format. PDF is often better for printing. The "doc version can be edited in Microsoft Word.

  1. Manual Credits      (doc version)
  2. Manual Message      (doc version)
  3. Plan Of Salvation      (doc version)
  4. Table Of Contents      (doc version)
  5. Tips For Using This Manual      (doc version)
  6. Glossary      doc version
  7. Sexuality God's Way      (doc version)
  8. HIV-AIDS Statistics      (doc version)
  9. Sexuality Explained With HIV Facts      (doc version)
  10. Test Your Knowledge      (doc version)
  11. Attitudes And Prejudices      (doc version)
  12. STDs      (doc version)
  13. Common Or Condom Sense      (doc version)
  14. Testing      (doc version)
  15. Celibacy - Singleness      (doc version)
  16. Living With HIv-AIDS      (doc version)
  17. Giving Hope      (doc version)
  18. Home Based Care      (doc version)
  19. Basic Counselling      (doc version)
  20. Death & Dying      (doc version)
  21. Child Abuse      (doc version)
  22. Church Involvement      (doc version)
  23. Teaching - Local Church      (doc version
  24. Other Christian Issues      (doc version)
  25. AIDS Education      (doc version)
  26. Forms-Pres. Eval.      (doc version)
  27. Forms-Pres.Notes Student      (doc version)
  28. Forms-Pres. Notes Teacher     (doc version)
  29. Registration Form      (doc version
  30. Forms-Lesson Plan      (doc version
  31. Forms-Teaching Arrangements      (doc version)
  32. Forms-Checklist      (doc version
  33. Forms-Skit      (doc version
  34. How To Teach In The Classroom      (doc version)
  35. Getting Started 1      (doc version)
  36. Getting Started 2      (doc version)
  37. Bibliography      (doc version)